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1 military supplies [syn: munitions, ordnance stores]
2 large but transportable armament [syn: artillery, heavy weapon, gun]

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  • (UK) , /ˈɔːdnəns/, /"O:dn@ns/
  • (US) , /ˈɔɹdnəns/, /"Ordn@ns/


  1. military equipment, especially weapons and ammunition.
  2. artillery.

Usage notes

This word is sometimes confused with ordinance, a local law or regulation.
The British ordnance survey, while originally military, is responsible for surveying and map making.

Related terms


military equipment
arms and ammunition
  • Finnish: ampumatarvikkeet
  • Finnish: tykistö
  • German: Artillerie

Extensive Definition

Ordnance may refer to:


  • Ordnance, the design, testing, manufacture, arming, maintenance and disposal of weapons and munitions.
  • Weapon
  • Ammunition
  • Ordnance disposal, the process by which hazardous devices are rendered safe
  • Para-Ordnance, a firearms manufacturer in Toronto, Canada
  • Unexploded ordnance, are explosive weapons that did not explode when they were used, and still pose a risk of detonation




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A-weapons, armament, arms, artillery, battery, biological weapons, cannon, cannonry, coast artillery, conventional weapons, deadly weapons, field artillery, flak, heavy field artillery, instruments of destruction, missilery, munitions, musketry, nuclear weapons, side arms, siege artillery, siege engine, small arms, thermonuclear weapons, trench artillery, weaponry, weapons
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